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A Special Letter to all Fathers

The date of June 18, 2023, has been set aside as Father's Day. This is the day Fathers are celebrated.

Fathers can be compared to a warship. Warships protect as they move over water. In the same manner a father protects the family as the family moves through life.

There are different parts of a warship, I will compare each part and relate it to the responsibility of fathershship.

The rudder of the ship is the primary control surface used to steer the ship, just as a father should be in control of the family to steer and lead them in the proper direction.

The anchor is a device made of metal and attached to a ship by a cable used to hold it in place. Fathers are the anchors of their family because they are the people who hold the family in place during the peaceful and/or rough seas of life.

The propeller creates engery to move the ship forward. In relation to fathers' responsibility to move the family forward. Fathers work to provide food, clothing, shelter, and othe necessities for the family. There is no age limit for the father to assist the children of the family. Whenever the father is called upon by the chilrdren not matter age, you can always call your father or Dad for assistance. If your natural father is not available, your backup is our heavenly father.

The bridge is the main control center of the ship just as the father is the main person who has control of the family.

Hatch covers are part of the ship that provides a steel covering that guards the opening of a cargo hole to prevent the entry of water. Fathers can be considered as hatch covers for their families because they prevent the entry of any harmful element that will destroy the family.

 Apostle's Poet-Tree

F - Fathers are th foundation for the family

A - A strong tower for your family to lean on

T - Time has come for men to step up to the plate

H - Heros you should be for your family

E -Every father has a purpose

R - Remember you are the foundation for your family

Lastly, I want to wish my father, Perry Maples, Sr. a Heavenly Happy Father's Day. He was a great father to me and my siblings, there are so many things he taught us to prepare us to be the men and women that we are today.

I would be remissed if I did not also send out a Heavenly Happy Father's Day to my maternal Grandfather Monroe King. I admire my grandfather; he had the vision and forthought to pray and fast for 3 months for his offspring to be saved.

Grandpa, God heard your prayer and has answered and is presently answering your prayer and it has extended to the saints of the Apostolic Deliverance Temple, who I humbly serve under the leading of God, I am the Pastor and Overseer.

Yours in Christ,

Apostle Perry Maples, Jr.



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