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The month of September is reserved for youth which we call the Children of Zion. The age range is from 13 years of age to 25 years of age. The group meets monthly to discuss various bible topics and current events. New members who join the group must memorize and recite the entire chapter of I Corinthians 13:1-13.

The mission and function of the Children of Zion is to hold monthly meetings with the youth to encourage them to live for God and be an example for other youth. The C.O.Z. also use their time and talents in the community by participating in community service events in Memphis and Shelby County. The Children of Zion started many years ago when they were called the Israelites, later the name was changed to the Children of Zion. In the bible there are several times individuals' names were changed. One example of this is Simon's name was changed to Peter in the New Testament. Peter later became the Apostle Peter who preached on the day of Pentecost salvation and baptism of the Holy Ghost. When a name is changed, it is because God  has a greater purpose and anointing for the person. If you were to attend a Children of Zion (C.O.Z.) meeting today, you would see a group of young people that love the Lord. They have developed a relationship with God as they fellowship amongst themselves outside the church walls serving a greater purpose.

Each year the month of September, it is an exciting time for young individuals and mature individuals alike. The youth have a Youth Rally which is always a high time in the Lord. The Youth Lock-In is a time where the youth gather for an event similar to a Retreat or Shut-in. I am told that this is an exciting and fun-filled event for the youth. But the highlight of the month is the Annual Youth Day, God always meets us in a mighty way on Youth Day by reviving and filling with the Holy Ghost.


Apostle's Pen Poet-Tree

Y - Youthful

O - Overcomers

U - Understanding

T - The Power of the

H - Holy Ghost


D - Daily in tune to God

A - And communicating with God

Y - Yes Lord, my soul says Yes  


Yours in Christ,

Apostle Perry Maples, Jr.



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